小麦は岐阜県産タマイズミを100%使用 製粉したてのものを仕入れています。 食材は、地産地消を目指し、地域のもの、国産のものを中心に、 出逢いから繋がる農家さんや業者さんから直接仕入れたものを使用。 どうしても手に入らないものに関しては、有機認証を受けているものを使用しています。 保存料・着色料などの添加物、その他余計なものは一切使用しておりません。 発酵時間と酵母の違いによる、2種類のベーグルをご用意しています。 「ぎゅ」・・・短時間発酵・白神こだま酵母 「ふかっ」・・長時間低温発酵・ホシノ丹沢酵母(ルヴァン) ※ルヴァンとは、24時間かけて生種を起こし  その生種と、小麦、塩、水を混ぜ合わせて  さらに6時間寝かせて作る「発酵種」です。 ※季節の自家製酵母を使用したベーグルにも挑戦中です。  (いちご酵母・甘夏酵母など) 農家さんとの出会いから生まれる 素材が美味しいからできるシンプルなベーグルから 季節を楽しめむベーグルまで コツコツと、ひとつひとつ、手作りしています。 つくるヒト◎たべるヒト ※製造から販売まで、全ての作業を一人で行なっているため 商品発送に関しては、曜日を限定して運営しております。 お問合せにつきましても、順次対応いたしますので ご理解、ご協力の程、よろしくお願いします。 ▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼ BAGEL MONDAY(ベーグルマンデイ) 〒461-0045  愛知県名古屋市東区砂田橋5-3-32 https://goo.gl/maps/1nhyDLkNYMH2 052-721-5927 / bagel.monday.order@gmail.com <営業> 曜日:毎週月曜日(第2・5月曜日を除く)・毎月第2日曜日 時間:7:30 - 12:00頃(売切次第終了) 場所:たこ焼き鉄板よど屋の軒先にて 随時イベント出店・オンラインショップ - ENGLISH - <Our Bagels> We use freshly milled wheat, called “TAMAIZUMI”, which is grown in the rich nature of Gifu Prefecture. We strive to use only the best of ingredients that are chemical free, grown domestically, and shipped directly to us from the growers and suppliers. We offer two different types of bagels that differ by the all-natural yeast used and their fermentation time. GYU:Shiragami Kodak yeast, short-time fermentation, and thick texture FUKA:Hoshino natural yeast, long-time fermentation, and airy texture Our bagels are made simply so that you can enjoy the quality of the ingredients. You can toast them and they get crispy on the outside and moist on the inside. Or, you can enjoy them as is and savor their rich texture and wholesomeness. <Bagel Maker’s Profile> Born and raised in Nagoya, I studied at college in America and was first introduced to the bagel there. After graduating, I worked for a company in Tokyo and lived alone. I eventually harmed my health due to neglect, and as a result I learned to be more conscious of my health. Over the years, I gained experience in systems engineering, the restaurant business, accounting, and organic farming. I now live back in Nagoya with my mother. As a self-proclaimed Brown Rice Bread Baker, I would bake bread every morning and serve it to my mother. It made me happy to see her enjoy my bread, and I learned to make many different varieties. Along the way, I became completely enamored by bagels. I began studying everything to do with bagels. During this time, I also met many farmers and manufacturers in the area. Supported by nature and producers, I decided to, slowly but surely, make bagels that I want to share with others. I have a carefree attitude but I am serious about my bagels. You might consider me to be seriously carefree. <Contact Info> Orders, shipping inquiries, and event food stall requests are accepted in person, by phone, and email. Phone:052-721-5927 / Cell: 090-4267-0907 / email:bagel.monday.order@gmail.com Instagram:@bagelmonday Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/bagel.monday/ Store:BAGEL MONDAY Owner/Operator:Yodogawa, Naoki Address:5-3-32, Sunadabashi, Higashi-ku, Nagoya city, Aichi, Japan 461-0045 Hours of Operation:Mondays (except 2nd and 5th Monday) & 2nd Sunday from 7:30 until sold out・Event food stall requests accepted Online shopping is available 24hrs (Sorry... Overseas shipping is not available at present. )